Snowshoe Hare

Snowshoe hare looking directly at the camera
Snowshoe hare

We were excited that snowshoe hares were one of the first creatures we saw on the land. In fact they came onto our lawn and close to the house. (These photographs were take through the kitchen window.)

With it being early May the hares’ fur was going through a change from the Winter white to the Summer brown. They can be easily distinguished from cottontail rabbits by the large ears and their large feet which give it its name.  The photograph below shows those large feet.


They are nocturnal creatures and so the one above was seen at dusk, hence the low contrast image.

One surprising item I have read is that their average lifespan is about a year. The population also rises and falls over a 10 year cycle.

The next morning another hare was seen in the garden, so they were dropping by the lawn to eat at the beginning and end of their nocturnal ‘day’. With the picture below you can see how the mix of white and brown fur still offers good camouflage as the shrubs and leaves left from fall (see the background) give a light and dark brown backdrop.


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