Red Trillium (trillium erectum)

Red trillium flower with three leaves and three reddish purple petals
Red Trillium, (trillium erectum)

Trillium is the provincial flower of Ontario and an emblem for the provincal government, take a look at their website. However, it is white variety, trillium grandiflorum. In Spring in rural parts of the province clumps of the white flowers can be seen in wooded roadsides. Around Strawacres the trillium is the red variety, trillium erectum. This is reddish purple flower could be found in the woods and the roadside embankments. Perhaps the slightly darker colour makes it less noticable than its white relative. Both are welcome flowers of Spring in Ontario.

The list of common names is quite large (see the Royal Horticultural Society listing). I do not think the name ‘stinking benjamin’ really suits this pretty flower.

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